Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tim Callahan Slams DC Universe: Last Will and Testament

Tim Callahan, not known for particularly harsh reviews, has delivered a stunning slam of DC Universe: Last Will and Testament, written by Brad Meltzer.

In fact, it's nothing less than a list of 10 "relentlessly stupid things" about the one-shot, with "Stupid." after each.

Wow. This is not someone you want to piss off. Which, judging by this review, is accomplished by making him feel as if you're insulting his readerly intelligence.

I haven't read the issue myself, so I'm keeping mum. But the review has to be read to be believed.

On the more positive side, Tim has praised Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1 over at CBR. And discussed it in depth over at Well worth reading, especially to sort out all your questions about Morrison's Superman and how the version in that issue fits into both his Final Crisis and his All Star Superman.

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