Sunday, August 24, 2008

Comic-Related Happenings of Late

Sunday was a busy day over at, with three new items:

Timothy Callahan has a very interesting chat about narrative tricks and realism in

Geoffrey Clay writes about the choice to make the X-Men white, given how they were supposedly an allegory for racism. It reminds me of my own article, "X-Men is
Not an Allegory of Racial Tolerance,"
albeit with different conclusions.

And Rob Clough interviews Katie Skelly about her compelling series Night Nurse.

Over at his own blog, Timothy Callahan has a nice piece about Mike Baron having produced his best work, including his run on Flash, while under the influence of cocaine...

Then there are the major news stories of the day:

Marvel has announced that the long-delayed sequel to Marvels, subtitled Eye of the Camera, will run six issues beginning this December.

And, if you haven't heard, Warner Bros. has made it official: the next Superman film, now slated for 2011, will reboot the franchise.

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