Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Killer Invisibles Interview on CBR

CBR has a killer interview between Morrison expert Timothy Callahan (Grant Morrison: The Early Years) and Patrick Meaney, author of Sequart's forthcoming Our Sentence is Up: Seeing Grant Morrison's The Invisibles.

The interview gets deep into The Invisibles and is an awesome introduction to Patrick's book, explaining how readers can understand the sometimes difficult series. It also has insights into both Morrison in general and Alan Moore.

Meaney is also the director of Sequart's first film project, a feature-length documentary on Morrison's entire life, thought, and work. The interview touches on this as well, and is a must-read for any fan of Morrison or of The Invisibles.

If you’re interested in this book, please call your local comic shop and tell them to order you a copy. The Previews order code is SEP091084.

Sequart’s Invisibles Book in Current Previews Catalog

Our Sentence is Up: Seeing Grant Morrison's The Invisibles, a non-fiction look at the landmark series, is in this month's Previews catalog. (Order code SEP091084.) The book, authored by Patrick Meaney, is published by Sequart Research & Literacy Organization.

Our Sentence is Up offers an accessible look at Grant Morrison's complicated and ambitious comics masterpiece, paying attention to its themes, philosophy, and how it changes with each reading.

The Invisibles has been hailed as a seminal comic, as the key to Morrison's overall body of work, and as the inspiration for The Matrix and its successors. But it's also frequently written off as incomprehensible or just too out there.

Written in a conversational, accessible style, Our Sentence is Up opens up The Invisibles through an in-depth, issue-by-issue analysis of the series, making sense of its complex ideas, fractured chronology, and delirious blend of fiction and reality. The book also explores the real-world relevance of the comic, particularly how its fictional conspiracy theory became reality in the 2000s.

The book also features a wide-ranging interview with Grant Morrison, covering how his formative childhood experiences found their way into The Invisibles and how his life and the comic became intertwined in the '90s. Morrison also explores the series in retrospect, how it holds up to the War on Terror and the Obama presidency, and what he currently thinks will happen in 2012.

The books sports an afterword by Morrison expert Timothy Callahan (CBR), author of Sequart's Grant Morrison: The Early Years. The book also sports an original cover by award-winning artist Kevin Colden (Fishtown, I Rule the Night).

Our Sentence is Up (softcover, 6"x9", 372 pages, B&W, $26.95 MSRP) is available exclusively through comic book stores. See the books section of the September 2009 Previews catalog (page 315), where the book is a spotlighted item. Please be sure to ask your store to order a copy (order code SEP091084), as you cannot be assured your store will order any copies.

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