Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This Morning (Random)

This morning. Shower. Sore throat. Cold brewing. Went out.

Organic juice at the local upscale supermarket. Salad you can smell. Fresh. Wholesome.

And that sunlight. So beautiful it hurt.

I couldn't stop thinking of that Mad Men episode with the three interlocking stories. I felt like I was on drugs, and maybe an experience didn't have to be the best to be good. In the light, everything was okay.

Driving home, NPR made me cry. Again. Not at any horror, but about the beauty of these aid workers, rescued by American soldiers under orders from Obama. They were told to take it slow after reuniting. I love these fascinating implications. And when they spoke, you couldn't hear any resentment in their voice.

At home, I took the leaves down to the compost heap. Didn't mind.

Dragging them up and down the trail, that light through the trees, I thought about how Hawaii had taught me to love life. My throat hurts, and I won't live forever. But there are moments like these.