Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grant Morrison: The Early Years in Comic Stores Today!

The second edition of Grant Morrison: The Early Years has arrived in your local comic book store!
This is the second edition, currently available only through comic book stores. In addition to a revised text, this new edition includes a newly-added essay on Grant's first story for 2000 AD, published even before his work on Zenith.
We here at Sequart are proud to be available through comics shops. We wish to thank Diamond Comics Distributors and our loyal fans, who have made this effort such a success by preordering.
If your store doesn't have a copy, let them know that the book is available for reorder. It might help to give your local retailer the book's order code, which is JUL084473.
In the months to come, the book will remain available to comic book stores, as we're proud to announce that it will be listed as part of Diamond's STAR system.
Please support our organization and your local comic book store by purchasing a copy. Our fans have proven extremely loyal in preordering the book, and we can't thank you enough! Now, we need to support those comic book stores and pave the way for subsequent volumes to be a success as well.
Again, thanks to everyone who's helped by promoting and preordering this title. It's been very heartwarming to us, and it's been really inspiring as we look to subsequent titles.

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